Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: "Sync-It with Atom sets my system time wrong. How do I fix this?"

A: If the system time is wrong after synchronizing, the problem is in Windows' Time Zone settings. Open the "Date / Time Properties" window by double-clicking the time display on the taskbar and select the correct time zone (remember daylight savings time).

Q: "I cannot get the program to synchronize the time. The log file says that it could not connect to a timeserver. Where is the problem?"

A: Either the timeserver you are using is down, or you are behind a firewall that does not allow traffic through UDP port 123, which is reserved for the Network Time Protocol (NTP). If you are using a personal firewall, make sure Sync-It with Atom is allowed to connect to the Internet.

You can also try selecting another area from "Location" preferences window. If this doesn't help, please contact your local network administrator (or your ISP) and ask whether there is a local timeserver or a SOCKS v5 proxy server you can use, or if it is possible to enable traffic through the Network Time Protocol port.

Q: "When I start my computer, Sync-It always opens the main window and I have to manually hide it each time. How can I prevent this?"

A: If you want Sync-It to automatically run when you start Windows, do not place a shortcut to the "Startup" folder, but instead select the option "Run at Windows startup" on the "Synchronization" page of Sync-It's "Preferences" window. This way, the program will start minimized to the taskbar tray and the main window will not be shown.

Q: "The program does not work. I have no idea what the problem is. Help!?"

A: You may want to see if there are errors in the log file, "synclog.txt". If you start the program with "-debug" command line parameter, more specific information will be written to the log, which may prove to be helpful when tracing down the problem.

Q: "I lost my registration code, can you resend it?"

A: Absolutely, here you go:

  User name: Legacy user
  Registration code: 61032CF9

Q: "I cannot get the registration code to work. What's wrong!?"

A: Make sure you have typed in the user name and the registration code exactly as they were given to you; the user name is case sensitive, meaning that "user name" is different from "User Name".

Instead of typing, you may want to copy the user name to the clipboard and paste it to the appropriate field in the program. Repeat the procedure for the registration code.