Download Sync-It with Atom

Click here to download Sync-It with Atom 2.4 for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP (Feb 3, 2007; size 559K).


Uncompress the archive, "", into a temporary directory (you may need an application like WinZip for this). Read "readme.txt" completely before installing.

Install Sync-It with Atom by running the setup program, "setup.exe". After the installation is completed, you can remove the temporary files. Sync-It with Atom 2.4 is now installed.

Free for legacy users

The program is shareware, which means it stops working after 15 days unless you pay for it and give it a registration code. If you are absolutely sure you're stuck with an ancient version of Windows, you can use the following code to unlock the program and use it for free:

  User name: Legacy user
  Registration code: 61032CF9

Language modules

You can change the language used in the program by downloading and installing a language extension module. The archive contains a translated help file, a server list, and an extension library.

Download the Finnish language extension from this site (Feb 3, 2007; size 248K).


A screen shot of the user interface and a PAD data file are available for software distributors. Sync-It with Atom icon is available in PNG format (32x32). You may use it on your home page with a link to this site.