Sync-It with Atom

Sync-It with Atom keeps your system time accurate by synchronizing it regularly with timeservers on the Internet, using the Simple Network Time Protocol.

Using the program is straightforward and easy. All you need to do is start the application, tell it the area where you live (for automatically selecting a suitable timeserver), and how you connect to the Internet.

After specifying these initial settings, Sync-It with Atom runs silently on the taskbar tray, or as a service, and takes care of synchronizing the time at regular intervals - or whenever you connect to the Internet. Works with both dial-up and broadband connections.

Try before buying

Sync-It with Atom is shareware, meaning you can try it for free before making a purchase decision. Go to the download page to get your free 15-day trial today.

Purchasing online

Register Now! If you want to keep the program after the free trial period, you can purchase a license online, for only $10.00. As a registered user, you are entitled to technical support and free updates at least until the next major release. See the download page for further details.


If you have problems installing Sync-It with Atom or when using it, please read the help file and the Frequently Asked Questions. If you cannot find an answer, please send email to syncit.


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